Peace of Mind

"Planning ahead for winter fuel bills makes a lot of sense. Reinhardt Home Heating payment plans are designed to help you manage your fuel costs. Regardless of the payment plan you choose, we can help you stabilize your expenses for home heating and avoid billing spikes in the winter."

Budget Customers

Budget plans have been around for years and have helped a large percentage of our customers manage their fuel bills. When you are on a budget plan, we estimate your annual fuel usage, multiply it by an anticipated price per gallon, then break it up into even monthly payments. Couple your budget plan with automatic delivery, and gain peace of mind knowing your monthly bill will remain constant and your tank will never be empty.

Price Programs

Budget customers must choose which price program is best for them. We have something for everyone – Ceiling Price Program, Pre-pay Price Program, Market Price Program, and a Fixed-Price Program.

Ceiling Price Program: Customers benefit from even monthly payments plus the insurance that comes with a price program. This program guarantees your price will not exceed the pre-determined maximum ("ceiling price") per gallon rate. Should the market price drop below the ceiling price quoted, program customers will also benefit from the lower price. There are times when the market price will be below the ceiling price in order to cover the underlying administrative and hedging costs. This program effectively provides insurance against price spikes.

Pre-Pay Price Program: The customer pays up front for the full year. A pre-pay customer will get all the benefits of a Ceiling Price Program customer with a somewhat lower ceiling price (similar to a cash discount). Like the Ceiling Price program, this program provides insurance against price spikes with discounts.

Market Price Budget Customer: Customers who want to have the convenience of even monthly payments, but who don't want the price protection, can still choose to be on a budget plan. Market Price Budget Customers get the market price at the time of delivery. WARNING: In a rising price environment, Market Price Budget Customers do NOT benefit from a "Ceiling Price" per gallon or "Price-Cap" and may end up paying more per gallon for fuel at the time of delivery than our Price Program customers.

Looking for something else? You don't have to fit into a box. We can work with you to create a customized payment plan. Maybe you want to put money up to get the pre-pay discount applied to some of your deliveries? Maybe you only want price protection on a certain number of gallons? For example, Budget Plans can incorporate Service Plan fees and service work. Call us if you have questions or need some modifications to your payment plan – we are here to help.