Comfort and safety in your home are always top priorities. Whether you need to monitor the temperature of your home from afar, or you want a quality CO detector, we have the expertise to guide you to the best equipment for your situation, and make sure your equipment is properly installed. Click below to learn more...

Control the temperature of your home from your smart phone – no matter where you are. Wi-Fi thermostats can be programmed to fit your schedule, and making changes on the fly is a breeze. Honeywell offers the best quality and variety of wi-fi Thermostats. Take total control of your home comfort today.

For those with a poor sense of smell who use propane for cooking, hot water, or heat, we highly recommend a propane gas detector. The detector will go off and warn you of a leak long before the propane gas reaches dangerous levels.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that every home should have a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. There are several brands to choose from. Call our office for the latest recommended models.

The last thing anyone wants to come home to is a cold house. Worse yet is the damage which can result from frozen and burst water pipes should the house drop below freezing. With a freeze alarm an alert will be issued in the event your house falls below a set temperature. This is a particularly important tool for people with seasonal or second homes, or individuals who travel and are worried about the reliability of their heating system. We recommend FreezeAlarm products for their reliability and ease of use.